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What do schools need in the 21st Century and Beyond?

Networld Solutions' Education Technology Strategic Assessment

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1. Education Technology Initiatives

Many schools have "1-to-1" and "BYOD" initiatives, but are they really more than pipe dreams? To be a real initiative,the school must have a defined Scope,Scale, Budget,and Resources to execute the initiative. These details make up the difference between "we'd like to do this" and "we are doing this."

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2. Education Technology Standards

Education Technology standards are a Board of Education approved commitment by the district and its leaders to a specific technology platform that allows the district to procure large-scale contracts of equipment and services based on these standards. Standards are a must to control Education Technology projects and expenditures and are defensible in a competitive bid format.

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3. Project Management Office

A Project Management Office may be sourced out of the IT or Maintenance & Operations departments,but for Large-Scale Education Technology projects,such as Core LAN Upgrades, WIFI Saturation,and VoiP deployments,a designated, dedicated Project Manager is required for project success.

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4. Information Technology Organization

IT Organization Resource Staffing Plans allow both workers and managers to plan and evaluate their IT environment and the expertise and skills required to support it. Call tracking and problem management tools must be utilized to their fullest extent, first to address tracking problems and their resolutions,but also by analyzing the nature of problems (problem distribution), analyzing the effectiveness of the support team over time.

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