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EMR Mandate 2014 Deadline Penalty

An article written by EMR Mandate 2014 Deadline Penalty team, states that "EMR Mandate as concerning the vision of President Obama’s to transform all medical records in electronic based, is only about one year from now. Originally an initiative led by the medical record industry, electronic records systems has received a push from President Obama’s Economic Stimulus Plan. The new legislation known as ARRA or The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act contains healthcare components that help with the adoption, development, and meaningful use of electronic medical record systems for all patients in 2014."

Starting in early January 2015, the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) act has provided some penalties that could be considered a serious consequence to who not adopting an EMR. As you saw earlier, to get the applicable funding, health practitioners must understand and prove meaningful use of patient medical records and from the use of certified EHR technologies. This means that the EMR vendor selected by medical practitioners must be comply strictly with the rules set.

Medical practitioners who do not pass meaningful healthcare use their Medicare payments will be reduced by 1%, reduction increases to 2% if in 2016 they still not be able to demonstrate their meaningful use. And increased to 3% in subsequent years. If the HHS (Health and Human Service) Department found that in the end of 2017 meaningful user is still less than 75% proportion of the payment reduction will resume again at 1% per year. But in some cases such as doctors who practice in places that do not reach the internet, there are exceptions for them."