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Google Play for Education and New Tablet Management Tools Are Tailor-Made for K–12

Managing a fleet of tablets and education apps just got easier.


With its Chromebooks, Google has made serious inroads in the K–12 education market, and now the company is offering the same affordability, ease of use and rich digital-content ecosystem through its new tablets, which have been created with educators in mind.

Starting today, schools can use the new Nexus 7 in the classroom and access the thousands of education-certified apps in the new Google Play for Education store, says Rick Borovoy, product manager for Google Play for Education. The HP Slate 8 Pro and the ASUS Transformer Pad will also be available to schools early next year.

Why does education need technology specifically tuned for the K–12 environment? Because off-the-shelf consumer technology often comes up short.

“You can't just drop a consumer device in [a school] and wish that it scales. It just doesn't,” Borovoy says.

That’s why the company is rolling out tools that make it easy for schools to manage tablets with simplified setups, allowing IT workers to configure one device and simply bump the other devices to provision them.

“We built this from the ground up to be really, really simple,” Borovoy says. “We took what used to be an hours-long process and reduced it to a few minutes.”