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Networld Solutions is a leading provider of value-added Information Technology solutions. Our experts realize that there are many choices available when selecting an IT consulting company, but with our niche services and unmatched expertise we are second to none. Our staff can help your business grow through consulting, business transformation, e-commerce, website development and network infrastructure services.

As value-add IT consultants in K-12 EdTech, Healthcare and SMB/Enterprise, we know we can help grow your organization with the strategic use of IT. We pride ourselves on customization, as we can design and implement any solution to fit your business. Using our unique consulting methodology MapIT™, a proven approach to solving e-business and technology infrastructure challenges, we can help your facility achieve highly customized, state-of-the-art technology solutions- the right way.

  • IT Consulting

    Business is made up of both risks and rewards. Our experts understand how to minimize the risks and deliver the rewards while addressing your most critical Information Technology challenges. NWS is a services-only firm, which means we are unbiased in providing assessments and recommendations and will not attempt to push a specific architecture or solution during our consulting engagement. Our goal with each client is to propose the right technology for your environment.

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  • IT Security

    Do you realize that your company faces cybercrime threats every day? Nearly 72 percent of data breaches in 2015 were at companies with less than 100 employees. And the trend of targeting small to enterprise businesses is only increasing.

    Businesses are in the cybercrime crosshairs because most of these companies lack the time, budget and expertise to coordinate an effective security solution.

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  • Managed Services

    Are you a small or medium business (SMB) that realizes you need technology to operate efficiently and to compete effectively but find yourself overwhelmed with keeping up with ever-evolving technology? Do managing day-to-day IT tasks like backups, patches and updates, data security etc., keep you from focusing on your core competencies? Are IT Resources at your company scarce but you are reluctant to hire an onsite IT resource because of the expense?

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  • Enterprise Technology

    As you begin your journey to a destination, you prepare by mapping your route from start to finish. Even though you may be familiar with the area you are visiting, you wisely use navigation tools like GPS to confirm your route so you arrive without delay. This is very similar to today’s IT Professional making decisions in IT. You have the knowledge and experience, yet to make sure you are making the best decisions for your enterprise, it is wise to consult another expert or organization of experts to confirm your “route”.

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  • Small / Medium Business

    The availability of increasingly more powerful and affordable technology has been a great boost for small and medium businesses of all sorts. It has also meant that business owners need to sort through a tremendous number of technology options and find the best ways to use technology to increase your productivity, operational efficiency, and ability to generate revenue from customers. At the same time, the technology landscape is growing broader and more complex.

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  • K-12 Technology

    In 1995, Networld Solution's EdTech consultants provided technical services to K-12 schools on contract with Apple Computers. Realizing there was a gap between technology needs in the classroom and Technology Infrastructure, our consultants went into action to bridge this gap. Combining our in-depth knowledge of the K-12 education industry with years of technical expertise, Networld formalized our K-12 EdTech consulting offering and continue making a difference in K-12 education technology for over 25 years.

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  • Healthcare IT

    Imagine that a patient has been referred to you from another Doctor or another Healthcare facility and that patient delivers all his medical history, including past exams, X-Rays and charts to you on a secure Flash Drive or directs you to a secure, HIPAA compliant web portal accessible on any smart device. Does your organization have the technology to facilitate the future of Connected Health?

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  • IT Staffing

    We realize there are many “Staffing Agencies” asking for your business. Why choose us? Networld Solutions is a Technology company first. We have provided IT Services for local and nationwide Companies for 20 years and enjoy making a difference with Technology. By proxy of the projects and relationships we have developed over the years, we've built an impressive Relationship Network of IT Professionals that would love to work in an environment like yours.

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