Proven IT Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Process.

Seven Steps To Find The Most Qualified Candidate.

vet7: Make a careful and critical examination of all candidates before presenting; as regards skillset, experience and predicted adaptability and compatibility into our client's Company culture.

Our proven IT Recruiting and Talent Acquisition process, Vet7, consists of seven steps that help us quickly yet accurately qualify a candidate for your Job Opening(s). This process along our company being a IT company first makes us the right choice to become your Trusted Partner for your IT Staffing needs.

  1. Client Priorities Assessment Networld Solutions performs in-depth discussions and review of position requirements with the hiring manager(s). Networld Solutions Recruiting Team will gain an understanding of the desired personality traits, technical background, and other skills that the ideal employee must possess in order to both enhance and make a difference on the team that they will be joining.

  2. Candidate Definition Networld Solutions will determine and clearly define the candidate requirements needed to successfully perform the responsibilities outlined in the position descriptions, and collaborate with our internal IT Engineers as to the specific technical requirements outlined by the hiring manager. We will work with the hiring managers to determine the level of expertise necessary for this position, and the most effective testing methods to narrow down the candidate pool to the most qualified individuals.

  3. Candidate Identification Querying our extensive Relationship Network of IT professionals, our Vet7 recruitment process, and Networld Solutions proven referral base, we can quickly identify candidates who best meet the client’s and/or internal position criteria. In addition, our Seasoned Recruiters have an extensive Network on LinkedIn, User Group Associations and various Social Media outlets to identify and qualify candidates.

  4. Pre-qualification Networld Solutions will conduct interviews and evaluate candidates on a number of different client-specific criteria, including technical abilities, work ethic and personality, a thorough onsite screening by our internal technical team and testing used to evaluate hard technical skills of each individual as outlined on their resumes. We will also perform reference checks and aptitude testing.

  5. Candidate Presentation and Interview
    Networld Solutions will present the top candidates’ resumes to the hiring manager. We will also arrange all interviews, field follow-up questions and serve as the liaison between the hiring manager and the candidate. Once the interview process has begun, We will assist the hiring manager in expediting all scheduling to assure that this viable candidate is not lost throughout the process. Our team will work closely and communicate frequently as to all other interviews, or positions a candidate is being considered for with other companies.

  6. Candidate Offer and Employment
    Networld Solutions coordinates all communication regarding offers, second interviews, employment paperwork or other logistics related to a candidate’s hiring. We will assist in facilitating the most convenient start date for both the client and candidate. If this is a long-term “temp” or contract to hire position, we offer our contractors full benefits (medical, Dental, Vision), 100% employee paid.

  7. Candidate Credentials Verification / Background Investigation
    We conduct a thorough background investigation that includes criminal history and drug test. Once the candidate has passed all background checks, credentials verification, we will communicate to you that the candidate is cleared to start on the predetermined date. Also, at your request, we will present all relevant information to the hiring manager along with a detailed and accurate profile of their experience, education, certification, and any other pertinent information for the employee's file.

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